Birch Buddies

Winter 2017 Poster

Check out Birch Buddies' Winter 2017 poster here.

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome, but we are specifically looking for Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Visual Arts majors.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect Birch Aquarium visitors to the rich history behind the Hall of Fishes and world-renowned research by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.  To do so, we seek to create an interactive component to complement the exhibits within the Hall of Fishes that instead of drawing attention away from the fish, supplements the aquarium experience.

Possible Solutions

  • Replace static information/ placards with an interactive component that will be continuously updated to the current number/type of creature
  • Completely redesign the U/I of current kiosk residing in the Hall of Fishes to host as a marine creature fish bank

Current Status of the Project

From observing visitors in the aquarium and looking at visitor survey data, we noticed that:

  • Current information on tanks are not updated of new marine creature currently inhabiting certain tanks
  • We have to consider when installing interactive media components, that it will not harm or disrupt live creatures
  • Content will appeal to various age groups, currently focus towards adolescents and adults (Future feature: multi-lingual) 


  • Birch Aquarium's mission is to provide ocean science education, interpret Scripps Oceanography research, and promote ocean conservation.
  • The Scripps Institution of Oceanography's mission is to seek, teach, and communicate scientific understanding of the oceans, atmosphere, Earth, and other planets for the benefit of society and the environment.

Team Members

  • Daniel Florencio
  • Chuan He
  • Proud Heng
  • Kaeny Ito-Cole
  • Mercedes Luangamath
  • Karen Ma
  • Arthur Webb

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Dale Stokes
  • Dr. Nan Renner

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Alan Duong