Prospective Students

All majors are welcome, but any students with a Computer Science background are highly encouraged to join. Familiarity with or an interest in using Unity would be very useful. It is recommended that prospective students familiarize themselves with Unity via online tutorials.Additionally, students interested in health education or designing for children are encouraged as well.

Mission Statement

To foster a substantial awareness and knowledge of the causes and prevention of diabetes. With Diabeatit, we aim to engage all members of the community in making healthier lifestyle choices.

Diabeatit Team Photo


Dieabtit is an interactive, digital health education module to be placed in hospital waiting rooms in San Diego. Currently, Diabeatit a mobile application (developed in Unity) with a working front end and backend that features mini games and a short story line, targeting adolescents (ages 8-13). The goal is to create a hands-on experience for kids to engage with during waiting periods in order to learn about Diabetes. Diabeatit will run on a tablet placed in patient waiting rooms across the San Diego area, enabling individuals to utilize this set time in an interactive and hands-on experience to learn more about diabetes. In the future, we hope Diabeatit can grow beyond an application into a more immersive educational yet fun experience for children that can also inspire more modules focused on other health issues that impact San Diego.

Short-Term Goals

Currently, the team is working on improving an individual mini-game. We are trying to find a balance between being fun to play and informative enough for users to take away important knowledge. Other than de-bugging code, the team hopes to test a minimum viable product with users of ages 8-13 this quarter to receive feedback that can inform future iterations of the game.


Tech Team

This sub-team focuses on coding the application in Unity and working alongside the Research/UX sub-team to implement the design ideas that the team comes up with.

Research/UX Team

This sub-team’s job is to produce the content (graphics, text, information) that will be presented during game play. They also are responsible for ensuring that the game is culturally sensitive, relatable to the key demographic, and re-playable.


Anupam Garg and Vidya Mahavadi of the UCSD Medical School aim to promote the use of interactive medical displays throughout hospitals nationwide. By doing this, they hope to educate people on the causes and effects of various diseases which could lead to prevention and better care.

Team Members

  • Crystal Jiao
  • Evan Schmitz
  • Reem Sheikh
  • Stephanie Arteaga
  • Qiqi Wu

Faculty Advisor

  • Charles G. Goldberg, MD
  • Vidya Mahavadi, MD
  • Anupam Garg

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Manali Kulkarni