K-12 STEM Education

Spring 2018 Poster

Check out K-12's Winter 2018 poster here.

Problem Statement

  • We are hoping to inspire K-12 students to pursue STEM careers by providing hands on lesson plans and access to resources

Mission Statement

  • Our mission statement is to visit schools and introduce fun and interactive STEM-related activities to students in K-12. We not only want to help create an interesting and engaging environment, but we also want to mentor the students so that they may consider pursuing higher education in the future in STEM.

Quarter Goals

  • As we have restructured the K-12 Team this quarter, we have two unique quarterly goals:
    • Our first quarterly goal is to settle in our two main teams, which include the Logistics Team and the Field Team. This involves getting proper organization pertaining to creating lesson plans and gathering feedback in a quick and efficient way
    • The second quarterly goal we have is to have our team go out on at least 10 total lessons - this correlates directly with our first quarterly goal, since 10 lessons will equate to making 10 unique lesson plans as well.

K-12 Spring 2018 Team


  • This quarter, we have a new team structure for the K-12 Team.
  • Administrative Team:
    • Team Leader: Matthew Juandy
    • Client Liaison: Ryan Yi, Schichen Li
    • Secretary: Jisu Kang
  • Field Team
    • Lake Elementary
    • Ocean Knoll Elementary
  • Logistics Team
    • Budgeting & Feedback
    • Lesson Planning & Materials

Formal Explanation:

This quarter, we made an organized hierarchy for our team. Essentially, we had a “administrative” organization, which included the leading roles of the Team Leader, the Client Liaisons, and the Secretary. From there, we had two main teams: The “Field Team” and the “Logistics Team”. These subteams were divided on a weekly basis with the logistics team being those who supported the field team by creating lesson plans, organizing materials to buy, and assisting with budgeting. As an extra duty, the Field Team was also in charge of getting feedback from the logistics team to improve the lesson plans that were made.

Going further, we also had the Field Team split into the subteams of Ocean Knoll Elementary and Lake Elementary - the two main clients that we had this quarter.

The Logistics team on the other hand was also split into the subteams of “Budget & Feedback” and “Lesson Plan & Materials” to prepare for pre-lesson preparation.

How the structure works: This quarter in K-12, the lesson plan team is scheduled to make the lesson plan a week prior to the lesson. During our team meetings, the logistics team would explain the next lesson to the field team, who will be going out to execute that lesson.


  • Ocean Knoll STEM Club (Sheri Thompson)
  • Lake Elementary

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Jan Kleissl

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Lucy Lopez