K-12 STEM Education

Winter 2017 Poster

Check out K-12's Winter 2017 poster here.

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome for this project, particularly Computer Science majors.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the K-12 Environmental Education team is to visit schools and organize fields trips in order to allow kids to have hands-on experience with various concepts pertaining to science and engineering. Doing so creates a healthy environment where the children are encouraged to ask questions and think about the world around them, and thus be inspired to study science later on down the road.

We work closely with the students’ teachers in order to align our lesson plans and experiments with their current experience and what they’re learning in class already, so we can enhance their curriculum rather than distract from it. The lesson plans tend to focus on environmental engineering education and how common, day-to-day concepts work.

Team Photo

Quarter Goals


The quarter goals of the Global Ties K-12 group is to perform STEM-related lesson plans to as many schools as possible in the San Diego area. For this quarter, the K-12 group continues an established relationship with three schools: Foothill Oak Elementary, Ocean Air School, and Vista Visions Academy.  Three visits were made to each school, which a different lesson plan presented each time. 


Unlike other groups, the sub-teams for K-12 are divided by each visit to a school. For instance, a sub-group will be formed with a group that is assigned to present a lesson plan on a given date. In general, the teams can be separated into the three individual schools and their individual requirements: 

Ocean Air School

Ocean Air school consists of an after-school all-girls program that teaches girls different emphasis of science and math. As a result, the K-12 group creates lessons plan that are in line with the subject matter of the Ocean Air program while also catering to the female demographic. 

Ocean Air: http://www.dmusd.org/oa

Foothill Oak Elementary

Foothill Oak Elementary consists of various elementary grades (1st to 5th) that the K-12 group can cater to. Therefore, the K-12 group creates simple lesson plans to introduce to the young students the benefits of STEM.

Foothill Oak: http://fho-vistausd-ca.schoolloop.com/

Vista Visions Academy

Vista Visions Academy consists of a middle school program that K-12 caters to. As a result, the K-12 group creates more complex lesson plans in response to the higher skill level of the Vista Visions students. 

Vista Visions: http://vva.vistausd.org/


The clients for K-12 consist of three schools in the San Diego area. As mentioned before, they are: Vista Visions Academy, Foothill Oak Elementary, and Ocean Air School. Each of these three clients require specific STEM-related lesson plans that will accompany their current subject matter To cater to these clients, the K-12 group creates lesson plans in respect to the age, educational level, and subject matter of each class. Vista Visions Academy is a K-12 independent school that provides the students with split learning: half of the time is at Vista while the other half is taught at home. Ocean Air School is a private school that provides interdisciplinary education through their STEAM program (science, engineering, technology, music). Foothill Oak is a public elementary school that provides a traditional curriculum education to its students. 

Team Members

  • Ryan De Leon
  • Edward Lim
  • Felix Chan
  • Aaron Tom
  • Charly Xie
  • Jeremy Miclat
  • Dillon Ha
  • Kevin Wong
  • Md Anil Shankar Jethani
  • Maan Shamnoon
  • Eduardo Rosales

Graduate Advisor

  • Vincent Sherman

Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Jan Kleissl

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Alan Duong