Schoolhouse Ghana

Mission Statement

This project is a partnership with the Godfreds Foundation in Ghana.  The Godfreds Foundation's mission is to build a low cost, sustainable, private school in rural Ghana to improve access to education for children. Having completed classrooms from Nursery level to third grade, the foundation is currently planning to build more classrooms for fourth and fifth grades. The Global TIES team aims to promote adaptation of renewable energy in the community through implementation of solar energy projects at the school. 

Current Status of the Project

This quarter, our team has focused on improving the efficiency of the technology available in the Senase American School by designing a local network for the school to use and teachers to implement in their curriculum. By doing this, we hope to improve the students’ learning experience in the classroom and to increase their chances of success in their academic and professional lives by getting them familiar with common and modern technology.

Hardware Subteam

  • To have a functioning server with the capacity to withhold educational materials and programs and supply internet connection for at least five laptops by week 10 of Spring Quarter.
  • To research a variety of servers and successfully alter components of the prototype servers to fit the needs of the Senase-American School (powering at least 20 laptops).

Software Subteam

  • The software team is currently working on setting up the server and making it easy to use for our users in Senase. This quarter, we are currently focusing on finding the right software to use on the server.
  • List of steps to accomplish in setting up a local network.
  • Finding what software is most appropriate for the server and school’s needs
  • Learning how to set up an internal network and how to use the software
  • Learning how web servers work and how to host servers for people to access
  • Starting to store information on the server

Education Subteam

  • The education team is focused on understanding the scope of the curriculum taught at the school and thus defining what educational tools, programs, and lesson plans would be most helpful to include on the server.
  • Define a list of relevant resources that could be downloaded onto the final server
  • Work with the software and hardware team to decide upon one educational tool to download and test on the current prototype

Partner NGO

The team is partnering with the Godfreds Foundation in Ghana. The mission of the Foundation is to to build and operate a low cost, sustainable, private school which promotes a positive learning environment using innovative teaching methods, while maintaining local traditions and following mandated curriculum.

The Godfreds Foundation is currently building more space for fourth and fifth grade classrooms. 

Team Members

This is a new project starting in Spring 2018!

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Mandy Bratton

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Ishan Timalsina