Schoolhouse Ghana

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Project Description

The Schoolhouse Ghana project is partnered with the GodFreds Foundation, which aims to provide high quality education for the children of rural Ghana. In order to do this, the GodFreds Foundation has built a private school, focused on sustainability and affordability, that aims to eventually teach students from K-6. Since the opening of the Semanhyiya American School (SAS), students from K-3 have been getting an education that focuses not only on teaching the foundation and basic subjects, but also the skills they need to succeed in their future education and career pursuits.

Currently, every child living in Ghana has to take a national exam in 9th grade, which tests their computer literacy with basic questions and through digital test taking. If students do not pass, they are not allowed to continue with their education. Because of this, the SAS aims to instill computer literacy skills within its students. Resultantly, Schoolhouse Ghana aims to facilitate this aim by increasing internet efficiency, lowering internet cost and moderating internet access by creating our own server to use in the classroom. In order to do this efficiently, our team has split into 3 subteams:


  • The networking subteam hopes to establish a network between the server and the local student computers by the end of the quarter.
  • They plan to use cost efficient equipment that is compatible with what is currently being used in Ghana and create a strong connection that is easy to set up and maintain.

Quarterly Goals:

  • Buy a router (Week 5)
  • Connect router to server (Week 6-7)
  • Establish local network (Week 7-8)
  • Test connections to local network (Week 10)


  • The Hardware subteam hopes to end up with a secure case for our server.
  • The want to consolidate all the server components to have a working server, as well as test it to prove adaptability to Ghana’s conditions.

Quarterly Goals:

  • Determine the climate situation of the computer lab to assess the ventilation needed for the server to function properly (1 week, week 4-5)
  • Order the fans (week 5)
  • Buy case or design it to be built (1-3 weeks, week 5-7)
  • Incorporate the server components to the case (1 week, week 7)
  • Incorporate battery and test the server (1 week)

Web Server

  • This sub team handles the software part of the project. They are working towards coding the server system and creating a user-friendly interface for the students and teachers to use. The web server will contain educational material that we will be downloading for offline use and fast, easy access.

Quarterly Goals:

  • Setting localhost connection first (install Apache, MySQL, .. etc)
  • Online resource implement
  • Set up test standard
  • Make it easy to manage
  • (Recursive step) always test the stability

Partner NGO

The team is partnering with the Godfreds Foundation in Ghana. The mission of the Foundation is to to build and operate a low cost, sustainable, private school which promotes a positive learning environment using innovative teaching methods, while maintaining local traditions and following mandated curriculum.

The Godfreds Foundation is currently building more space for fourth and fifth grade classrooms. 

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Mandy Bratton

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Ishan Timalsina