Fiji Kindergarten Project

Winter 2017 Poster

Check out Fiji Kindergarten's Winter 2017 poster here.

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome, but we are specifically looking for Structural Engineering, Economics, and International Business majors (as well as any other students interested in business). We will be working with Solidworks in this project.

Mission Statement

The team is designing a kindergarten for the Loloma Foundation to promote early education in Fiji. Considering the natural disasters in Fiji and the sloped hilltop location of the site, the team this quarter came up with a wood frame house design. In order to be more efficient, the team was split up into 3 subteams to research on sustainable design for earthquake by major elements of the structure. After several iterations of ideas, the team designed an earthquake-resistant house with wood concrete combined foundation, shear walls with bracing frame, wood gable roof with water catchment system, and a construction manual.

Quarter Goals

For this quarter, the team will be divided into three subgroups: 

  • Design and Analysis
  • Construction Manual
  • Social Innovation


Design and Analysis

The design sub-team focuses on coming up with a material list for the structure. The team will be divided into two groups. The first of the sub-teams will be focusing on the foundation to help increase the stability of the structure. The second sub-team will work on the analysis of the materials that is going to be used for the structure. After finalizing the material and the design, the team is planning to build a small scale prototype of the design to test its stability and durability as well as making sure that it flows with the design of other structures on the site and has good aesthetics.


Construction Manual

The Construction Manual sub-team is a two person team, namely Joey Ramm and Nicole Shoenborn, that is tasked with the creation of a manual to be used to guide the construction of the final design of the Fiji Kindergarten. The team plans to create an illustration-heavy manual that demonstrates how to construct the building in the simplest manner possible. Utilizing the SOLIDWORKS Drawings interface, the team will use exploded views and other CAD design techniques to map out each step plainly.


Social Innovation

The Social Innovation sub-team focuses on turning the kindergarten project into a sustainable enterprise. The team is divided into two group. The first group will focus on improving on the existing Fiji Kare business proposal. The second group will focus on beginning a fundraising platform with the use of social media. Our quarter’s goal is to obtain funding through competing in the USD competition and presenting our business proposal to rotary clubs, corporations, and foundations.

Awards & Accolades

Participant in Clinton Global Initiative University 2014
Finalist in the USD Social Innovation Challenge 2014
Recipient of UCSD Social Innovation Fund 2014


The Loloma Foundation is a California-based nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide medical, dental, and infrastructure support to communities in the South Pacific. They have distributed medical supplies, organized and implemented medical missions, and joint funded sustainability projects. The Foundation partnered with the Global TIES program to convert shipping containers into a functional kindergarten.

Team Members

  • Wesley Wong
  • Alicia Nguyen
  • Brian Lam
  • Jonah Cruz
  • Michelle Shin
  • Justin Kush
  • Chin Cheung Jim
  • Kathy Ho
  • Fok Kin Man
  • Nicole Schoenborn
  • Priyanka Lim
  • Krystal Lai
  • Rizky Hakim
  • Vala Zia Amirhosseini
  • Zachary Green
  • Zixuan Lan
  • Joseph Ramm

Loloma Foundation Advisor

  • Dr. Lance Hendricks

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Mandy Bratton

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Alan Duong