One Village Philippines

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome, but we are specifically looking for Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Economics, and International Business majors (as well as any other students interested in business). We are currently working on three major tasks: designing a second prototype that will better satisfy our users’ needs, testing our previous prototype for detailed specifications, and applying to social innovation challenges to fund the project. 


Mission Statement

We aim to provide affordable lighting to Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm village and increase the income of the families residing therein. The team is working on improving sustainable, affordable, and easily replicable solar-powered lamps that we previously designed. This device can run independently of an electrical grid and will be developed into a social enterprise run by the villagers themselves. We hope that our project can bring light to the Philippine community during times of darkness.




Gawad Kalinga is a world-reknowned non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty in the Philippines by empowering small Filipino communities. Their first major goal was accomplished after building 700,000 homes for 7,000 communities. Currently they are focused on providing community based programs to educate Filipinos on health, the environment, productivity, and academic pursuits to revolutionize their economy from the bottom up. 

Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm is the first of 24 planned Centers for Social Innovation (CSI) in the Philippines. Besides providing a community for Filipinos in need, these CSIs act as a foundation for entrepreneurs to start businesses fueled by Filipino innovation and labor. The Enchanted Farm teaches students about farming techniques and innovative sustainable agricultural practices. Together these efforts should have a long term positive impact on the nation’s economy and citizens. The Enchanted Farm is also a place where tourists can come and experience the Gawad Kalinga community firsthand. 



The main focus of the Engineering Subteam is to improve the two prototypes we have created to ensure they are durable, affordable, and sustainable solutions based on the feedbacks we received from the users.

There are currently two prototypes. Their circuits and features are relatively similar. However, they are intended for different purposes: one is a solar torch and the other is a solar lamp. The first prototype is the replicable solar powered LED torch. The design features a cylindrical lamp head made out of recycled mason jar. The lamp head is attached to a weaved basket made out of bamboo. The top part of the bamboo stick is split and weaved into a basket in which the mason jar is attached. All the electronics with the exception of solar panel, the RGB light indicator and toggle switch will be inside the jar.

The second prototype was designed to better satisfy the user’s needs. User’s feedback and design research were the two main components we used to find a better solution to modify the first prototype. This second design has a slightly bigger jar with bigger solar panels to decrease its charging time. Both of the prototypes now have a handle with a switch on the outer jar, eliminating the solar torch bamboo structure. The handle gives the users an enhanced ability to carry the lamp around their house. Also, the switch provides the users the freedom to turn on the lamp whenever they want. Last but not least, the RGB LED on the lid allows the user to identify when the solar lamp or torch should be placed under the sun for recharge.



First Prototype of the Solar Powered Torch with Bamboo Housing:


Second Prototype of the Solar Powered Lamp with a handle attached:


Business Subteam

The main focus of the Business Subteam is to finalize all the important information regarding the business plan and the social enterprise model that we plan to help implement in the Philippines this summer. Things that this subteam has addressed throughout the quarter include sourcing materials, marketing plans, cost modeling, and financial plans.The business subteam will continue to participate in several social innovation and humanitarian competitions in order to fund the social enterprise in GK. The enterprise will be run and owned by the locals so it will provide new economic opportunities and spur job opportunities as the enterprise expands.

User Testing

The User Testing team’s main task is to validate and evaluate the Engineering team’s prototypes. They try to look at the prototype from the point of view of the Filipino people to make sure that the project is adequately fulfilling the needs of those we are trying to help.

Quarter Goals

Engineering Team

Our current goals are to formalize a design for our lamp and to gather data on manufacturing methods. We will also continue to try to find ways to lower the cost of the materials and manufacturing process to lower the unit cost of our lamps. Furthermore, we hope to implement conclusions from the user testing team in further iterations of our product.


This quarter, the primary goals for the business team are: to improve on our applications for business competitions that were applied for in the past, to seek new funding sources, and to update the business plan, to include more details on pricing strategy, market research, and align it more accurately to any design updates that we may make this year.

User Testing

The main goal of the user testing subteam is to identify usability problems with the solar lamp in order to ensure that our lamp properly meets the needs of the Filipino people in the Enchanted Village. This quarter, we plan to understand what activities the lamp is being used for, how it’s being used for those activities, and how it’s being charged. Then, we will synthesize our insights and ideate new designs for the engineering subteam.


Team Officers

  • Team Leader - Christopher Lee
  • Partner Liaison - Daniel Truong
  • Webmaster - Andy Madden
  • Financial Chair - Danny Vazquez
  • Engineering Subteam Leader - Dan Witteman
  • User Testing Subteam Leader - Yuka Okina
  • Business Subteam Leader - Ian McNair

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Mandy Bratton

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Aidin Massoumi