Baja Solar Water Heater

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome. We will be working with Fusion 360, AutoCAD and Solidworks in this project.


Mission Statement

Baja Team focuses on helping underprivileged orphanages throughout Baja California, Mexico, implementing sustainable energy solutions and alleviating their financial burden.


We work with La Mision Children’s Fund (LMCF) which conects the Baja Team and orphanages in Baja California, Mexico which needs such engineering solution. LMCF focuses on developing a stepped plan to substitute electricity and propane-dependent utilities in local non-profits with sustainable alternatives.

With the help from LMCF, we have implemented a solar thermal collector system at Casa de mi Familia. Early this quarter, the LMCF introduced us Hacienda de la Inmaculada Orphanage where 50 children reside in. Currently we are working on follow-up projects with Casa de mi Familia and initiating new projects with Hacienda de la Inmaculada.




Quarter Goals

For the Fall 2017 quarter, the team’s main goal is to conduct site surveys at one existing and one new orphanage site as well as reinstall a solar water heating system at the La Hacienda de Immaculada Orphanage site. This quarter, Baja team will consolidate its profession in solar water-heating system development and installation by developing the second iteration of the thermal collectors, designing a controllable pumping circuit, and establishing solid funding strategy.


Solar Heat Absorber Team

We are responsible for developing the second iteration of the thermal absorber based on our previous experience. Our tasks include absorber assembly, copper piping design, and assembly coating.

Photovoltaic Team

We are responsible for designing a circuit that integrates solar panels, a lead acid battery, and a pump. We aims to power the pump during desired time in the day to optimize the functional time of solar water-heating system.

Installation Design Plan Team

We are responsible for compiling an installation design plan packet with block diagrams of the piping, electrical wiring, and construction of the solar thermal collector.

Fundraise & Outreach Team

We are responsible for researching opportunities for funding sources that will support current and future solar water heater installation projects at multiple orphanage sites in Tijuana. This quarter we are focusing on the Berkeley Big Ideas Competition as well as looking into finding private donors for specific parts of the solar water heating system.


Team Members

  • Tilly Nguyen
  • Timothy Lee
  • Richard Valle
  • Joanne Ting-Yu Hsu
  • Marilyn Sun
  • Justin Kushi
  • Josephine Lynnay Consul
  • Vítor Mallmann
  • Genevieve Fleming-Hollinger
  • Jocelyn Letona
  • Kai Yu
  • Robert Andrade
  • Christina Tsang

Faculty Advisor

  • Ray Guardiano
  • Curtis Williams

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Crystal Im