Town & Country Learning Center

Winter 2017 Poster

Check out Town & Country Learning Center's Winter 2017 poster here.

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome, but we are specifically looking for Computer Science majors. We will be working with Javascript, CSS, HTML, and C#.

Mission Statement

Students work with the Learning Center at the Town and Country community housing complex to provide imaginative and innovative technological devices, tools, and interfaces to help children expand their horizons.


Quarter Goals

This quarter the team has worked to develop an application to help the children learn to play music with the aid of an electric keyboard, as well as improving the functionality of the immersive cyber bike. Our next steps are to finish an initial prototype of the music app and to field test the cyber bike with the students.


Music Team

The music team is working to adapt the open source MuseScore software to create an interactive music-learning software for the children at the learning center. By combining MuseScore with a digital keyboard, they plan to create an entertaining, immersive, and educational activity for the students at the center.

Cyber Fun Bike

The Cyber Bike team is working to perfect the immersive virtual training bike system they developed previously, including removing dangling wires to increase safety and developing an offline caching system for the navigational software.


The Town and Country Village Learning Center is a community organization located in Southeast San Diego. The Learning Center provides computing facilities, space for homework and study, and various other educational, after-school activities such as cooking, dance, or gardening to children and young adults who live there.

Team Members

  • Olasubomi Awokaya
  • YIming Cai - All Team Lead
  • Jiaxi Chen - Treasurer
  • Shiyu Chen
  • Yuchen Ching
  • Cameron Ellis - Sub Team Lead
  • Pei Han - Webmaster
  • Nasa Iwai - Sub Team Lead
  • Gabriel Rangel
  • Ryan Smurlo - Client Liaison
  • Quang Tran
  • Henry Wang
  • Peng Yan

Faculty Member

  • Brandon Reynante

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Jacquelyn Palma