Town & Country Learning Center

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome, but we are specifically looking for Computer Science majors. We will be working with Unity, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and C#. It is recommended that prospective students familiarize themselves with Unity via online tutorials.

Mission Statement

Students work with the Learning Center at the Town and Country community housing complex to provide imaginative and innovative technological devices, tools, and interfaces to help children expand their horizons.


Quarter Goals

This quarter the team has worked to further improve the functionality of the homework management app and the homework motivator game, as well as update the controls of the immersive cyber bike. Our next steps are to finish implementing new functionality and design of both homework software, and field test the updated setup instructions of the cyber fun bike with the teaching assistants and Ms. Veverly.


Teacher-Side Homework App Team

The Teacher-Side Homework App Team is focused on testing and improving the web application that allows teachers to track students’ attendance and homework completion. The team is working towards making the user experience simple, intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing for teachers to use.

Student-Side Homework App Team

The Student-Side Homework App Team is focused on testig and improving the application that allows students to mark their homework as completed in an engaging manner. The team is working on an endless-platform style video game that engages and encourages students to complete their homework in order to progress and beat each other’s high scores.

Cyber Fun Bike

The Cyber Bike team is working to improve the setup of the immersive virtual training bike system they developed previously, including updating the setup instructions so that the user experience is more intuitive.


The Town and Country Village Learning Center is a community organization located in Southeast San Diego. The Learning Center provides computing facilities, space for homework and study, and various other educational, after-school activities such as cooking, dance, or gardening to children and young adults who live there.

Team Members

  • Hunter Lai - Web Master
  • Catherine Lin - Subteam Lead
  • Sandy Li
  • Junchi “Betty” Zhou
  • Bo Bates - Subteam Lead/Client Liason
  • Sahir Kochar
  • Paolo Martinez - Team Lead

Faculty Member

  • Brandon Reynante

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Manali Kulkarni