• Mandy Bratton - Executive Director

    Mandy Bratton - Executive Director

    Dr. Mandy Bratton is the Executive Director of Global TIES - Teams in Engineering Service and a Lecturer in the Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. She earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1996. Prior to joining the Jacobs School, Dr. Bratton served as a senior faculty member in Psychology and Human Development and Interim Associate Dean at Prescott College for the Liberal Arts, the Environment, and Social Justice.

    Since 1986, Dr. Bratton has enjoyed an affiliation with the Semester at Sea Global Studies program that has included three academic voyages around the world, visiting more than twenty countries. She is a founding member and affiliate of UC San Diego's Center for Research on Gender in the Professions and Center for Global Justice.

    Her scholarly interests include international education and development, the impact of global and community engagement on students and the organizations and communities with which they work, and gender and diversity issues in academic and professional settings. Dr. Bratton is the Principal Investigator on SISTERS: Sustaining Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Research in Society, a three-year, NSF-funded intervention project that aims to ignite and sustain the STEM-related interests of 5th and 6th grade girls from under-served communities.

  • Barb Donovan - Program Specialist

    Barb Donovan - Program Specialist

    Barb has been with the Global TIES program for seven years now. She handles the operational side of the house including all reimbursements and team purchases. She also works with the Registrar in building the schedule and preauthorizing students for class.

    Barb has worked with UC San Diego for eight years and her other roles within Engineering Student Services have been as a Student Recruitment Officer and a COSMOS Teacher Fellow. She enjoys cycling, body boarding and yoga and owns a small ice cream business across from campus named Lil' Dipper.

  • Brandon Reynante - Lecturer

    Brandon Reynante - Lecturer

    Brandon is a Lecturer in Global TIES, where he teaches human-centered design and sustainable community development. He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego, where he led the K-12 STEM Education TIES team and served as a teaching assistant in the Education Studies Department. He then obtained an S.M. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. After grad school Brandon spent four years designing space vehicles and theme park rides and became licensed as a professional engineer in the State of California. Brandon is also the Founder and President of LifeCycled Materials, an organization dedicated to transforming waste into building materials, decentralizing economic power, and democratizing invention.

    Brandon currently teaches ENG 100D, advises the Town & Country project, and co-advises the One Village Philippines team. He also serves as a faculty advisor for the UC San Diego chapters of Engineers Without Borders and Engineers for a Sustainable World. He strives to empower his students to tackle ambiguous design challenges in a culturally-sensitive, socially-responsible, and ecologically-regenerative manner. Brandon enjoys playing guitar, hiking, reading, mountain biking, and body surfing.

Student Advisors

  • Lin Hein - Fellow in Humanitarian Engineering

    Lin Hein - Fellow in Humanitarian Engineering


    Lin is a fourth-year electrical engineering student with special interest in alternative energy and power engineering. He joined One Village Philippines team Fall of 2015, served as the Undergraduate Advisor from Fall 2016- Spring 2017, and is now working as the Fellow in Humanitarian Engineering. He enjoys traveling, eating, binging on Netflix shows, and learning new things. He also likes cooking, listening to Bossa Nova, and playing basketball in his free time. He prefers room temperature water to ice water even on hot days and dislikes super sweet food and drinks. Lin's favorite quote is by Gandhi: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

  • Emily (Tzu Ting) Yang

    Emily (Tzu Ting) Yang


    Emily is a fourth-year Chemical Engineering student at the University of California, San Diego. In her third year, she learned about Global TIES and ever since then she has been part of the Global TIES family. She started her journey with One Village Philippines where she played a role in testing solar panels and battery usage for the first solar torch prototype. She later joined the technical subteam in creating several different prototypes to optimize its efficiency, using user feedback. She has been exploring a lot of different courses throughout her college career, giving her the knowledge on user interface design, content marketing, and entrepreneurship. In her free time, Emily likes to go on early morning hikes at the Torrey Pines Trail, spend nice afternoons reading at a coffee shop, and enjoy relaxing evening with her friends. She is excited to help her students enhance their technical skills with real-world clients while making a positive difference through social innovation in her community.

  • Crystal Im

    Crystal Im


    Crystal is a fourth-year student studying Public Health and Business. She joined Global TIES in Winter 2017 through ENG 100D and went on to join the One Village Philippines Team the following Spring quarter. Crystal is excited to return to Global TIES as an undergraduate advisor this school year and looks forward to serving new and returning students in both the ENG 100D and ENG 100L courses. In her spare time, Crystal enjoys cooking new recipes, trying out different Pinterest ideas, and traveling to new places. She also loves dogs and ice cream.

  • Aidin Massoumi

    Aidin Massoumi


    Aidin is a fifth-year Environmental Engineering major and Business minor who has a passion for Renewable Energy. He joined the One Village Philippines team in Winter of 2017 and was the leader of the technical subteam for two quarters before becoming the Undergraduate Advisor of the project. Outside of Global TIES, Aidin is a Project Management intern at the Sustainability Resource Center on campus, and he is also a member of the UCSD Men’s Lacrosse Team.

  • Manali Kulkarni

    Manali Kulkarni


    Manali is a fourth-year Molecular Biology and Global Health double major with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is a founding member of Design for America (DFA) at UCSD, which is a student organization comprised of project teams using human-centered design for social innovation. She worked on the Diabeatit team for one quarter and is now the project advisor for it. Exposure to social innovation at UCSD has inspired her to pursue a career using design-thinking and social entrepreneurship to help create positive change in global public health. Aside from all that, she enjoys petting dogs, traveling, cooking new and healthy recipes, and going to brunch.

  • Lucy (Lucero) Lopez

    Lucy (Lucero) Lopez


    Lucero is a fifth-year Revelle College student with a major in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Business. Lucero started in the Global Ties program by taking part in 100D where her team explored the issues facing food deserts in East County San Diego. Later, she joined the 100L Diabeatit team where she helped develop a game application that educated users on the health risks linked to Diabetes and ways to live a healthy and balanced life through nutrition and exercise. During her time in the Global Ties program, Lucero has been able to apply her skills as an engineer towards projects that focus on helping humanity. In the future, she hopes to continue her education by pursing a Master of Business Administration while remembering the lessons she learned from the Global Ties program.

  • Ishan Timalsina

    Ishan Timalsina


    Ishan is a third-year Mathematics-Computer Science major. He joined the Global TIES program his first quarter at UCSD and hasn’t looked back since. After taking ENG 100D, Ishan enjoyed an extraordinary three quarters with the Fiji Kindergarten Project, initially as Social Innovation subteam lead then as team lead. As an Undergraduate Project Advisor, Ishan has been fortunate to gain exposure to multidisciplinary projects and constantly learn new approaches to tackle complex issues affecting people around the world. When he’s not advising projects, Ishan can be found hiking the great outdoors, trying new food, or catching up on fantasy or science fiction.

  • Jordan Coursey

    Jordan Coursey


    Jordan joined Fiji Kindergarten project in winter of 2017 and served as the team lead the following quarter. As an international business major, Jordan focused on creating a sustainable business model. He also worked extensively to make connections with valuable philanthropists and corporations looking to better their image. In his free time, Jordan likes to surf and go to the gym.