Baja Del Sol

Solar Thermal Water Heater System

Prospective Students

All students are welcome, but we are especially looking for computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering majors. We would also love to have Spanish speakers at the intermediate and fluent level.

Current Baja Team :-)

Mission Statement

Baja del Sol focuses on assisting underserved communities in Tijuana, Mexico, in all aspects ranging from clean water to education and beyond. We have been most involved in providing sustainable solutions for delivering and storing hot water in different orphanages in Tijuana. The goals of our group shift with the needs of the communities


As our partner organization, La Mision Children’s Fund (LMCF) has connected the Baja Team with four orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico. LMCF strives principally to provide fundamental necessities for at-risk children and youth, including food, education and medical care.

With the support from LMCF, we have implemented solar thermal collector systems at Hacienda de la Inmaculada. Currently we are working on follow-up projects with Hacienda and initiating new projects with Casa Hogar Sion.



Short Term Goals

Current short term goals include making one more site visit to La Hacienda to finish installing the control box and troubleshoot any connectivity issues. The team is also looking into better equipping the lab with more materials, tools, and schematics of the sites for future teams.

Long Term Goals

For the Winter 2019 quarter, the team’s main goal is to conduct site surveys at one existing and one new orphanage site as well as repair one of the solar water heating systems at the La Hacienda de Immaculada Orphanage site. This quarter, Baja team will focus on designing a controllable pumping circuit and establishing a self-sustainable maintenance plan. 


Technology Team 

Arduino Controls

The Arduino Controls group is currently working to incorporate a GSM shield to the Arduino system to enable SMS and internet data usage capabilities. The addition of the GSM shield will allow for user interface with the system; the system will be able to upload sensor and battery data for better maintenance and monitoring of the system -- from afar.


The Testing group is currently working to develop a testing fixture for the control box systems being implemented at the orphanages. They are utilizing Solidworks to draft a detailed schematic of the finished controls box layout.


The CAD group has been compiling a list of parts in order to determine their best fit in the control box. Utilizing CAD has enabled the group to generate and visualize models with accurate dimensions for more precise design.

Water Purification 

The Water Purification group is responsible for exploring purification methods to include in our system, such as reverse osmosis. Currently, some options we are exploring include biosand filters, UV disinfection, and membrane filtration.

Social Innovation Team

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement group is mainly focused on establishing contacts within the greater San Diego and Tijuana areas to help with the construction and maintenance aspects of the project. The community engagement team is currently in contact with GRID Alternative -- a non-profit also doing work in Mexico -- to integrate and implement our system with their solar array systems.

Outreach and Education

We are working to design an educational program to teach our partners about proper maintenance of the systems.


Current Team

Team President

Team President: Michael Yiu

Team Outreach Coordinator

Team Outreach Coordinator: Andrej Pervan

President of Technology

President of Technology: Michael Barritt 

Team Members 

  • Najib Gull
  • Ava Aslanpour
  • Nien-Chen Weng
  • Michael Yiu
  • Manwinder Uppal
  • Andrej Pervan
  • Michael Barritt
  • Andrew Wong
  • Jack Najarian
  • Valerie Shoemaker
  • Philip Pham
  • Christopher Yun
  • Carol Li
  • Amanda Jiao

Project Advisors

  • Ray Guardiano
  • Curtis Williams

Undergraduate Advisors

  • John Davis
  • Mayuki Sasagawa