COVID-19 Special Projects


The Cove

The goal of the Quaranteam-19 is to help alleviate loneliness that has stemmed from COVID-19 in the general public. This goal warrants the implementation of a publicly accessible online platform that connects people and allows users to learn something new. To this end, our online platform users will be able to watch videos or live streams of various activities, and upload videos, as well as and chat with friends and family. Quaranteam-19 ultimately intends to help users overcome isolation during quarantine while social distancing.

“The Cove” is a website dedicated to alleviate loneliness. It is a unique platform that helps connect individuals of all ages that may feel isolated. The website follows the user’s creating an account and choosing their likes and interests. The user can connect with friends and family, and create events doing various activities. The user is also given the choice of a myriad of activities to watch and learn from through events they can save on their Calendar page. The website is intended for all age groups and can, therefore, be personalised as well as provide privacy control to the users. “The Cove” aims to cultivate a fun, interactive, and social networking website experience, to be made publicly available on personal devices.

Howzit Going

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for family members and close friends to stay updated on each other's health more than ever before. There are many worried family members who need an easy & effective way to keep up to date with sick family members during the pandemic because communication can be very difficult and there is a lot of anxiety of loved ones becoming ill. When people become extremely sick there have been extensive measures taken to stop further spread of the virus.


“Howzit Going” will be an app that works as a social media healthcare app for

friends and family. Facebook has a one-time feature for this to post on user’s new feeds, but there is no way to do continuous updates easily. “Howzit Going” will allow users to be able to connect regularly with friends and family and get self reported updates from family members who have fallen ill during the pandemic. Our final problem statement states: Family members need efficient and easy ways to communicate their wellbeing to each other so that concern and anxiety can be reduced.



Social interactions play a crucial role in the mental health of seniors. Under social isolation it is difficult and even impossible for many seniors to have physical contact with friends and family, along with colleagues and nursing staff. In the face of solitude we looked for an escape that older adults could follow for a better state of mental health. The problem required an answer that looked at the technological limitations of many adults over the age of 90 that made communication and interaction pleasurable. The answer is an app that provides a user with access to various informational podcasts run by older adults themselves.


With the creation of HEARO, the requirement of navigating through a browser or having vast knowledge on touch-interface on phones will be eliminated. This application will allow older adults to listen to podcasts by themselves or with friends and family. HEARO’s features include access to podcasts, voice

accessibility, communication and bonds over distance, and discovery. With podcasts being the main feature for HEARO, this allows for older adults to engage with and be more knowledgeable with the world around them. This also gives users the 

option to immediately discuss their thoughts with the others who also use HEARO. By being able to listen and discuss, it helps with social interaction which is important during home isolation and in relieving potential loneliness. Additionally, implementing voice-controlled features serves to navigate the app and utilize specific features (e.g., playing a podcast) to make HEARO easier to use. This is especially useful for older adults who are not tech savvy.