K-12 STEM Education

COVID-19 has impacted our ability to interface with our K-12 classroom partners. The project will be put on hiatus until Fall 20201. If you are a UCSD student interested in Global TIES, we hope you will check out our other projects!

Problem Statement

We are inspiring K-12 students to pursue STEM careers by providing hands-on lesson plans and access to resources.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to visit schools and introduce fun and interactive STEM-related activities to students in K-12. We not only want to help create an interesting and engaging environment, but we also want to mentor the students so that they may consider pursuing higher education in the future in STEM.

Quarter Goals

The goals of this quarter include going to at least two schools as well as establishing new relationships with more schools for future quarters. In addition, the team is striving to implement at least two new lesson plans while also recycling previous ideas. We are working with both new and old schools to strategize content around a new topic. We hope to introduce new STEM topics such as computer science, climate change and sustainability while also empowering girls in STEM! 

Team Members

  • Angie Joung
  • Winson Luk

Quarter Summary

This quarter, we maintained the organized hierarchy that the previous K-12 team started. Essentially, there is a shared “administrative” organization, which includes the leading roles of the Team Leader, the Partner Liaison, and the Treasurer. On a weekly basis, the members worked on establishing relationships with schools in the surrounding area, creating lesson plans, organizing materials to buy, and assisting with budgeting. In addition, they plan on performing test runs of the lesson plans before visiting the schools and giving feedback to each other for adjustments.

Some Former and Current Partners

  • Rancho de la Nación Elementary
  • Johnson Elementary School 
  • Pacific Trails Middle School 
  • Foothill Oak Elementary 
  • Carmel Valley Middle School 

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jan Kleissl

Undergraduate Advisor

Stephanie Le