One Village Philippines

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome, but we are specifically looking for students with Business/Entrepreneurship, Electrical Engineering, and Design backgrounds.

Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of the One Village Philippines (OVP) project is to help alleviate poverty by empowering local Filipino communities. We plan to do so by designing an affordable solar-powered lantern and creating a community-owned enterprise around the lantern that employs villagers to build the lantern and run business operations as well.

The lantern aims to provide a sustainable and locally sourced solution to the issue of lack of lighting at night. The community-owned enterprise aims to create a channel to distribute the lantern around the Philippines and increase socioeconomic mobility for Filipino villagers. The profits from this enterprise aim to help fund repairs for our partner village, the Enchanted Farm.

Group Photo with Lanterns


Partner NGO

Gawad Kalinga (GK) is a non-profit organization founded in 2003, centered upon seeking social justice by reducing poverty in the Philippines. The organization has grown into a social enterprise that works with partners and volunteers around the globe. By constructing productive communities and sustaining social livelihood opportunities in the Philippines, GK has impacted more than 2,000 communities and 60,000 families.

The One Village Philippines team is specifically working with the Enchanted Farm village, one of the many communities established by GK. It serves as a Center for Social Innovation by creating projects fueled by Filipino villagers, that aim to foster entrepreneurial opportunities that can further develop to surrounding communities.



What makes the difference between our project and other competitors that focus on the need for sustainable and reliable lighting is the third order change component we aim to accomplish. Many NGO’s donate goods to communities in need and participate in first order change. Our team accomplished second order change on our last trip to the Philippines by bringing the solar lamp prototype and teaching villagers how to build it themselves. Now we want to go a step further and accomplish third order change by helping villagers start their community-owned enterprise.

The lantern is low-cost (less than $3.50 per unit), is made of locally-sourced and recycled components, and is simple to teach others how to make. It is reliable and lasts a full night on a full charge as well. The lantern components include a battery, circuit, LED’s, and solar panel as well as a recycled casing jar.

big ideas

In the past, One Village Philippines has won $1750 for Ignite at UC San Diego Elevator Pitch, $2500 at UC San Diego Triton Innovation Challenge, $9000 for the first place in the Energy & Resources Alternatives category of the Big Ideas Contest and up to $3000 funding for Basement at UC San Diego. We are currently participating in additional social innovation competitions. This past summer, the team traveled to the Enchanted Farm and successfully taught 40+ villagers from kids to elders how to build the solar lantern. With the funding from those competitions, the team is hoping to kickstart the community-owned enterprise.


Research and Development Subteam:

The Research and Development (R&D) team this quarter is making final adjustments to the lantern design and defining design and build metrics for saleability. Once adjustments are made, they are working to produce several of these “sale-ready” lanterns.

The RnD team is also exploring and prototyping new additions to the lantern such as USB charging functionality based on feedback gathered from villagers on the summer trip.

Obtaining data on battery charging and discharging using Arduino is a continual priority as well.

Social Innovation Subteam:

The Social Innovation Subteam is responsible for working on the business model for the community-owned enterprise which includes: co-creating an MOU with Gawad Kalinga, reaching out to professional mentors, defining the supply chain, and defining the enterprise and payment structure. Additionally, the Social Innovation team is working on marketing materials for the team such as building a website that showcases the history, mission, and vision of OVP.

Quarter Goals

Research and Development Subteam Goals:

  • Prototype new designs and additions for future versions of the lantern
  • Finalize basic design of lantern

Social Innovation Subteam Goals:

  • Establish business model for community-owned enterprise
  • Define supply chain
  • Co-create an MOU with Gawad Kalinga
  • Create a website for OVP


Research and Development Subteam

  1. Ayush Sapra - Research and Development Subteam Lead
  2. Daniel Carns
  3. Yuanqi (Ivy) Wang
  4. Sherman Yip

Social Innovation Subteam

  1. Eric Richards - Team Lead, Social Innovation Subteam Lead
  2. Kristin Lobos
  3. Katie Chung
  4. Hao-In Choi

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Mandy Bratton

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Daniel Witteman

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