Due Dates

Week Due Date Assignment Turn in to
1–10 Sundays Weekly Report TED
2 Thursday Lab Safety Training Undergrad Advisor
2 Thursday Preliminary Budget Undergrad Advisor
2 Thursday Website Update Undergrad Advisor
5 Friday 9am Poster PDF Undergrad Advisor
5 TBD Poster Session
10 TBD Continuity Report Client and Undergrad Advisor
10 Sunday Self-Reflection TED
10 TBD Peer Evaluation Google Form

Assignment Explanations

Liability Waiver

All students must complete and turn in a Liability Waiver to their TA.

Individual Survey

We encourage you to take this survey and answer some questions about your experience in TIES. You'll be asked to take it at the end of the quarter so please remember the username/password combo you have used. We recommend you save it in your phone under your undergraduate advisor's info. Your responses will help us see the impact of Global TIES and help convince donors to invest in our program. 

Lab Safety Training

All students must fulfill the Lab Safety Training requirement. This is a course requirement and you must complete it. 

Team Bonding

This is a fun one! In order to promote teamwork, friendliness, and fun, all teams are required to go out and spend some time together. Some ideas to get you started: go bowling, hold a game night, share pizza at Round Table, or visit Torrey Pines State Beach! More info.

Client Meeting

At the beginning of the quarter your team should schedule a meeting with your client. During the meeting introduce new team members to your client and make sure new members are up to speed on what the client does. Also take this time to recap past progress you have made, ask your client for feedback, and get agreement on where your project will be heading in the next quarter. 


Your notebook is a record of any work you've done relating to the project. This serves many purposes: a way for your undergraduate advisor to grade the work you've done, a way for future team members to get up to speed on the project's past, and a personal way for you to keep track of your ideas. Anything that relates to the project should be recorded in your notebook including:

  • Team Meeting Notes (~2 hours per week)
    • Take notes at your team meeting of team progress, upcoming due dates, and anything you feel is relevant to your work. Take note of agreed upon deliverables and of updates from your fellow team members.
  • Group Work (combined with individual work ~ 5 hours per week)
    • When working with a subgroup of your team make sure nothing gets lost in communication. Write down design avenues pursued and why they may or may not be workable. Record testing results or document specifications. Write down a personal to-do list or include a diagram. Anything that makes your work clear enough that an new, uninformed team member could pick up your notebook and get up to speed is worthwhile to write down.
  • Individual Work (combined with individual work ~ 5 hours per week)
    • When working by yourself it is especially important to take good notes. Not only do they provide you with a record of what ideas you've had, they also serve as the only record of your individual thoughts. Even if you know what you mean, write notes so that an out of the loop observer could pick up your project and continue on without loss of continuity. Aim to be clear, specific, and thorough.

Certain style guidelines apply to your notebook. Please note that if your team uses digital notebooks some of these guidelines may not apply.

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports give you and your undergraduate advisor a gauge of your progress on the project. They also help give you direction and appreciate your contributions thus far by asking what you plan to do and what you have done for your project. Fill out your weekly reports before the deadline by signing into Ted.

Poster Session

At around the midpoint of the quarter all the teams create a poster that gives an overview of their project and their client and explains their current work. You then present this poster to the public (typically in Jacobs Hall) and field questions from passersby and other teams' members. Make sure to dress business casual. Take some time during the poster session to mingle and take a look at other Global TIES projects. Poster Guidelines.

Final Presentation

This is a formal presentation of your work to your client. We recommend developing a powerpoint presentation that gives an overview of how your project works, what goals you hope to accomplish, and the progress you have made in the last quarter. Make sure to leave enough time to field questions from your client. If you can, live demonstrations are always great to show your client just how much work you've done. Make sure to practice your presentation beforehand!

Reflection Report

Each individual must complete a reflection report at the end of the quarter through Ted. This is a time for you to reflect on and appreciate the contributions you have made, the skills you have gained, and to identify what you can improve upon.

Peer Evaluation

Each individual must review their team members. If you didn't work directly with a team member give it your best general impression and be sure to mention that you never worked closely with them. This assignment is completed by filling out a Google Form provided by your Undergraduate Advisor.

Continuity Report

This is a report that your team collaboratively puts together at the end of the quarter. The purpose of the report is to bring new members in the next quarter up to speed on the project. This includes general concepts, past history, the current state of the project, and future goals. A final copy of the budget must be included in the quarterly continuity report showing all actual expenditures and state of team finances for the quarter. Teams may also find it advantageous to draft a preliminary budget for the next quarter.

As this is an integral part of your work at Global TIES make sure to start this report early and have each section reviewed by your peers. It should be thorough and clear enough that a student like you who has never worked on your project before could read it and afterwards start work on your project and move it forward. The guidelines for this report may vary based on your team so ask your undergraduate advisor for more information. The report itself should be turned in to your undergraduate advisor.

Though you can use past reports in order to gauge what level of technical detail you should write in your report and use them as a guideline, do not blindly copy sections of past reports into your continuity report. All reports must be submitted as a Ted assignment through You can read more about UCSD's Academic Integrity Policy.

Position Specific

Website Update

The webmaster will be expected to update the following information by Friday of Week 2:

  • Mission Statement
  • Overview
  • Quarter Goals
  • List of sub-teams (with short explanation of this)
  • Project photo(s)
  • Updated Team photo
  • Client Info
  • Body text (1/2-3/4 page summary of project, can be taken from executive summary of continuity report.)
  • Relevant Links (project website, client homepage, etc.)
  • Other photos/videos/interesting info

To do so, the team webmaster must email their Undergraduate Advisor with the above content suggestions and changes. She will update the site accordingly after approval.

Team Budget

The team Treasurer must fill out a budget form for expected expenses in the quarter and submit it to Global TIES. 

Global TIES teams receive a budget of $400/quarter. Treasurers must keep the budget updated to reflect any changes in the team’s projected expenses as well as all items purchased. A final copy of the budget must be included in the quarterly continuity report showing all actual expenditures and state of team finances for the quarter. Teams may also find it advantageous to draft a preliminary budget for the next quarter. More information (Excel).

Team Reimbursement

The treasurer, team lead, or whoever pays the initial expense for the team bonding event will need to fill out the reimbursement form and submit it to Barb Donovan to obtain reimbursement for the team bonding expenses.

Purchase Requests

  1. Go to the Global Ties Web Purchase Request Form
  2. List the items/materials/supplies to be ordered in the “Description of Purchase” field. Be sure to include a detailed explanation of the need for the purchase in the “Item Rationale” field. 
  3. Please also enter the total cost for the item including all relevant taxes and shipping 
  4. Indicate whether the item will be purchased online or in-store.
  5. Include either the vendor information OR the URL for the website immediately before 
  6. Referencing the up-to-date budget you have kept for the school year-to-date, 
    subtract the total cost of the item to obtain a current budget balance, and enter it in the 
    appropriate field.
  7. Enter the name of your faculty advisor and select your team from the drop-down 
  8. Submit the form. Either Lilla or Barb Donovan will review your purchase 
    request and notify you via email whether it has been approved or denied. 


  • Following approval, if the purchase is online, Barb Donovan will make the purchase and have it available in her office. You will receive a notification when your purchase arrives. 
  • If the purchase is from an offline vendor, following approval YOU will be responsible for making the purchase. You MUST save your receipts and turn in a filled out a reimbursement form within two weeks.