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Undergraduate Project Advisors & Tutors

  • Jenny Hofilena

    Jenny Hofilena

    Jenny is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Design. She stumbled upon Global TIES during the spring quarter of her sophomore year, in which she joined the first COVID project and returned to the Diabeatit team. Jenny collaborated with Project Kilimanjaro during her time in ENG100D, and found her way back as a TA for the Diabeatit and K-12 projects. Because of her involvement in the Global TIES program, she became intrigued to follow a career path focused on human-centered design and sustainability. In her spare time, you can find her researching astrology, reading tarot cards, or upcycling her thrifted clothes.
  • Tina Reuter

    Tina Reuter

    Tina is a 4th Chemical Engineering student minoring in Business. She took ENG 100D her sophomore year and has been involved in Global TIES ever since. She has been a part of both the COVID project and Schoolhouse Ghana (eduTIES). Her involvement in this program has helped develop her passion for sustainable human-centered design and she hopes to apply these to her future career in the biotechnology or energy industries. Outside of Global TIES she is a Project Manager for AIChE Projects where she works on a water treatment system to remove Uranium from the contaminated water in the Navajo Nation. She is also part of the UCSD Swim and Dive Team and works at General Atomics. In her spare time, she enjoys going for drives, walks on the beach, watching movies, listening to audiobooks, and spending time with her friends and family.
  • Santino Espiritu

    Santino Espiritu

    Santino is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student with a minor in Business. He joined Global TIES spring quarter of his junior year through ENG 100D and ENG 100L. In those courses, Santino worked with a team that helped develop a website for a nonprofit organization called ShelterBox and played a role in the One Village Philippines team as well. Upon entering his last year at UCSD, Santino seized the opportunity to be a TA for the K-12 project. Because of the Global TIES program, he gained a newly found interest in human-centered design and wants to follow a career path that involves sustainability and renewable energy. In his free time, Santino enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and cooking for his friends.
  • Daniel John

    Daniel John

    Daniel is a 2nd year Bioengineering: Biotechnology student minoring in Political Science. He joined Global Ties in the fall quarter of his 1st year through ENG100D, and also contributed to the Cruz Roja project in the spring. Daniel is involved in the founding of a non-profit and efforts to improve refugee disparities in San Diego, and is currently working on improving medical care in third-world settings. In his free time, Daniel enjoys hiking, playing spikeball, watching sports, and reading.
  • Joyce Qi

    Joyce Qi

    Joyce is a 3rd year studying International Business with a minor in Design. She took ENG 100D during her first year as her first design course and fell in love with the design process, the creativity, and ultimately, the ability to help others. She got the opportunity to work with Animal Pad, a local animal shelter in San Diego, and help in designing an e-commerce platform for their website. In her free time, Joyce enjoys watching movies, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and family.
  • Megan Mossaad

    Megan Mossaad

    Megan is a 3rd year Computer Science major. She took ENG 100D her sophomore year where she was a part of team Shelter Box. She then took ENG 100L where she was a part of team Diabeatit, which she loved so much she decided to join again for a second quarter. Because of these courses she has a new passion for human-centered design and wants to incorporate these learned skills into her future career. In her free time she loves to spend time with friends and family and her hobbies include drawing and painting.
  • Kassidy Wade

    Kassidy Wade

    Kassidy is a third year Global Health major with a minor in Biology. She is the assistant to the Executive Director of The Center for Global Sustainable Development, Dr. Mandy Bratton. Even though she is not an engineer, she is very passionate about social issues such as: women's health, healthcare disparities, climate change, the HIV/AIDs epidemic, homelessness, healthy aging, to just name a few. She is an aspiring doctor and entrepreneur that would like to create her own non-profit one day. She hopes that her experience with Global TIES will further prepare her for doing so. She is also a research assistant at the Stein Institute for Research on Aging and a volunteer in the Labor & Delivery Department at UCSD Health. In her spare time, she is traveling, hiking, cuddling with her cat, playing board games, or exploring on her vespa!