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Leadership Opportunities

Team Leader

This team member is responsible for making sure the team runs smoothly. Duties of the team leader may include helping new team member get up to speed, facilitating team communication, reminding members of deadlines, and picking up slack where needed. A team leader must have good organizational skills, work well with others, and maintain a positive and helpful attitude


The webmaster maintains your team's online presence. That means updating your team's profile on this website as well as writing up a short summary of your project should your team be featured in the Project Spotlight. The webmaster should have good informational writing skills but need not have technical skills.


The treasurer is responsible for managing the team budget. Duties include filing your team budget with Global TIES, making purchase requests,updating the budget, and monitoring team spending. A good treasurer should be accurate, financially responsible, and highly ethical.

Client Liason

In order to make communication between you and your client easier your team should designate a client liason. This team member will be responsible for fielding all client and team member questions and serving as the central point of contact in all client matters. Duties will include communicating with the client and scheduling team-client meetings. A good client liason enjoys clear communication and is willing to juggle several communication requests at once.

Subteam Leader

Depending on your team structure, each subteam may have a subteam leader. This subteam leader is responsible for tracking subteam progress, helping subteam member if they are stuck on a problem, and interfacing with other subteams. A good subteam leader is knowledgeable in that subteam's subject area, willing to help, and highly communicative.