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Memorializing the Pandemic


Prospective Students

All students are welcome.


We will be discussing the kinds of stories we hope to pass on to future generations of what time was like during the pandemic, including the innovations and practices  that were developed at UCSD to address COVID-19, and how these can be incorporated into a work of public art that will stand the test of time.

This will be a group-oriented process but there will be room for students to explore individual interests and development of specific skill sets within the larger context of an envisioned collaborative work.

Current Progress

  • Ideation
  • General theme and mission statement
  • Projected vision

Faculty Advisor

  • Hortense Gerardo,

Graduate Advisor

  • Jennifer Hofilena

Current Team

  • Trisha Satish
  • Chloe Leung
  • Martin Norfleet
  • Eunice Lee
  • Yola Abu Khader
  • Callie Cheung

Previous Team

  • Quyen Nguyen
  • Megan Tan
  • Jorge Mendoza