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Town & Country Learning Center

Prospective Students

All majors are welcome, but we are specifically looking for Computer Science majors. We will be working with Unity, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and C#. It is recommended that prospective students familiarize themselves with Unity via online tutorials.

Mission Statement

Students work with the Learning Center at the Town and Country community housing complex to provide imaginative and innovative technological devices, tools, and interfaces to help children expand their horizons.

TCLC Team Sp18

Quarter Goals

This quarter the team has worked to further improve the Safety of the Paddle to Play System and make a virtual tour that captures the memory of the old learning center. Our next steps are to finish implementing new safety feature and design of the Paddle to Play System, and finish making the virtual tour and show it to our client to see their response.


Paddle to Play Team

The Paddle to Play Team is focused on improving and securing the Paddle to Play System designed by previous team that allow children to get more exercises by rewarding them with video game time. Our team is working towards making the system more secure and easy to setup and use.

Virtual Tour Team

The Virtual Tour Team is focused on making a virtual tour to capture the memory of the old learning center. It will include many details and pictures about the old learning center so that future students can watch and remember the old place.


The Town and Country Village Learning Center is a community organization located in Southeast San Diego. The Learning Center provides computing facilities, space for homework and study, and various other educational, after-school activities such as cooking, dance, or gardening to children and young adults who live there.

Team Members

  • Sophia Sun - Team Lead
  • Yuhang Lian - Web Master/ Subteam Lead/Client Liason
  • Dean Sung
  • Junchi “Betty” Zhou
  • David Phung
  • Kelsey Guo
  • Nancy Zheng
  • Alice Lee

Faculty Advisor

  • Brandon Reynante

Undergraduate Advisor

  • Emily Yang